Dachshund Photos

Dachshund Photos...Dog Portrait Specials

Would you like to have your pet drawn in a portrait?

All you need is a picture of your pet of good quality.  

Packages include color image
with white, color, transparent background.
JPEG / PNG format.
One portrait is one animal drawn in 3000 pixels 

The finished picture can be printed or placed on a smartphone or computer. This awakens a good present for your pet or friend who has a pet.

dachshund photos

One Head To Shoulder Portrait - Only $30

Favorite Dachshund Photos

If you would like to add your dachshund's photo, feel free to email me with your dachshunds name and the photo you want to include.

Long Haired Miniature Dachshund

long-haired miniature dachshund with toy

Dachshund cuddled up

This is the life!

alert dachshund

Where is my treat?

dachshund beds
weiner doggy snuggled in bed

coco the dachshund puppy

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