dachshund harness

Dachshund Harness

Dachshund Harness Over Dog Collars - 4 Main Advantages  Dachshund lovers are always interested in finding some easy to use and reliable tools to care ...

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how to teach dachshund tricks

How To Teach Dachshund Tricks

How To Teach Dachshund TricksFirst, here are steps for the easy tricks like “stay” and “come”.StayThe Stay command is an important command for a Dachshund.The ...

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dachshund owners

14 Mistakes New Dachshund Owners Make

Dachshund Owners- 14 Mistakes New Owners Make1 . Not Supervising Your Dachshund Puppy.When you first bring home a dachshund, especially a puppy, they are like ...

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dachshund puppy potty training

Dachshund Puppy Potty Training

Dachshund Puppy Potty Training - 6 Proven StepsIf you own a dachshund puppy you probably realize that they can be difficult to potty train.In fact, ...

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training a dachshund

Training A Dachshund

Training A Dachshund - Proven MethodsTraining a dachshund requires different training from other dogs.Want to get your dachshund to stop barking at people, animals, or ...

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stop dachshund barking

Stop Dachshund Barking

How to Stop Dachshund BarkingDachshunds bark – that’s what in their natural instincts. But a barky dachshund can be a nuisance to your neighbors.  And ...

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