Dachshund Videos

Funny Dachshund Videos

Dachshund Videos

Hershey turned 14 and still gets around like a young puppy.  Playing fetch with his favorite toy.

If you have your own dachshund videos you would like to submit, please email me along with a link to your video and I will be happy to post it. 

12 Attitudes Of A Dachshund

1. Getting sad if their owners are not happy
2. They are always listening to you
3. Sometime they think they are superstar
4. They want to play with you
5. They like to cosplay
6. They are willing to accompany their owners everywhere
7. They love to show off their butts
8. They will sleep anywhere they like
9. They can eat whatever they like
10. They like to do exercise
11. Sometime they do things that is hard to understand
12. Simply dachshunds are so cute

Dachshund Puppies.

Dachshund Laws

1. Must be stubborn
2. Must bark at every stranger or dog
3. Must eat their food then pretend they haven’t eaten and beg for yours.
4. Must take forever to pee
5. Must be your best friend
6. Must have cuddle time on your lap
7. Must sniff and try and dig holes in your yard.
8. Must have their bellies rubbed.
9. Must ignore any command that doesn’t suit them
8. Must be loyal and love you forever

Hershey loves his bath.   He gets very excited

If you are a dachshund owner and would like to include your own funny dachshund video, please send me an email as I would be happy to post your video. 

dachshund videos

Hershey is 14 and a half years old and still runs around like a young puppy.   If you would like your dachshund to live a long and healthy life, just follow these 6 vital  steps

Dachshund Laws

1. If you are eating it...it’s mine
2. If it’s in my mouth...it’s mine
3. If I saw it first...it’s mine
4. If you put it on a table..it’s mine