Dachshund Health Issues

Dachshund Health Issues

dachshund health issues

Every dachshund owner needs to have a skilled vet in case of emergency.

However, sometimes you can solve the dachshund health issue yourself for minor ailments.

Here is a quick guide for common dachshund health issues and remedies.

1.  Ticks - After you walk your dachshund outdoors, it is good practice to check for any lumps, in case there are ticks in their coats.

If you don’t check for ticks and your dachshund has one and left over time, the tick can lodge itself deeply with their harpoon barbs and suck blood.

Long-haired dachshunds are more prone to get ticks.  When removing a tick, you want to make sure you don’t just remove the body without the mouth section. You need to remove the entire tick.

Solution: One inexpensive home remedy is petroleum jelly. The best way to remove a tick is to put a lump of petroleum jelly over the area where the tick has attached itself. Leave it on for around ten minutes. This will loosen the tick’s grip, then you can wipe it off with a tissue.

2. Ear mites - if your dachshund gets ear mites, just put two drops of corn oil in their ears. Then gently massage the ear with a cotton ball. This usually will suffocate the mites and you can repeat this process for a few days to make sure the mites are gone.

3. Constipation - For your dachshund put 1 to 2 teaspoons of mineral oil in their dog food. Do this for a few days and their constipation should go away.

4. Diarrhea - Try using carob powder with just a small amount of water and mix it into your dachshund’s dog food.

Dachshund Health Issues - Home Flea Remedies

Majority of dog owners purchase flea medication, that works.  However, it does contain chemicals, which are a bit toxic and in the long run not real healthy for your dachshund.

There are some natural flea remedies treatments that have been successful for dachshund health issues.

• Use magnetized discs with a product called BugZone:  These discs attach to your dachshund's collar as there is a magnetic strip that that emits a frequency barrier that will repel fleas.   Usually these discs last anywhere from 3 - 6 months.

•  Look for a products  that has yarrow, diatomaceous earth, and neem:   

The yarrow can repels fleas and other insects.   The diatomaceous earth will dehydrates the fleas and insects.  And the neem is like a natural isecticide and antimicrobial agent.

Together, these three ingredients come in a dust powder.   You can just sprinkle it on your dachshund's back down to their tail and just massage it into their skin.   However, you need to wear a mask so you don't inhale it yourself.  Also, be sure and not apply it near your dachshund's head as  you don't want them to inhale it either.  

It is recommended to apply this about once a week.

• Cedar oil is another natural remedy that will repel fleas and other insects.  One recommended product is called  Wondercide, which is a flea control sprays.  It has been tested and proven safe for dogs.  Simply spray it onto your dachshund’s neck, legs, and feet about twice a week.

• Garlic is another dachshund health issue remedy for fleas.   I use dehydrated garlic and add it to my dachshund's dog food.  Only need about ¼ to ½ clove for small dog breeds like a dachshund.

After trying any of these treatments above  and you find they are not working, it’s usually because you are not applying the product correctly.   Make sure you apply to their face, legs, and feet and not just to their body.

Another Dachshund Health Issue Is Dachshund Back Problems. With Their Elongated Bodies Dachshunds Joint and Back Issues Are Common.  

Click Here For More Information On Back And Joint Prevention.

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