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About Weiner Doggy

I started weinerdoggy.com in 2018.  Of course "weiner" doggy is not spelled correctly, as "weiner" doggy is the correct spelling. 

But unfortunately, the domain "weinerdoggy" was not available.

And also found that many people use the "weiner" misppelling, so decided to go with that. 

I have owned dachshunds for the past 28 years and have been part of my family and my life. 

I had my very first dachshund develop a back issue.   He was in a lot o pain, but then did research and discovered natural joint supplements.  

After giving him those I just over a month, he was able to be pain free and never had a back problem again.

He lived to be 17 years old.

My goal is to show others the information I learned throughout the years for providing the best healthy dog food, supplements, and treats.  

I try to provide you with all your dachshund answers to your questions and to have reviews on the best dog products on the market.

I want this web site to be not about me, but about the best resource I can provide for your dachshund. 

I continue to learn from other dog breeders, vets, and scientific research to help your dachshunds live a long and healthy life. 



My Weiner doggy

Hershey is my 15 years old wiener doggy and is very active for his age.  He is a loveable lap dog, enjoys his daily walks, his daily ride in car, and of course treats.

His favorite toy is his green alligator as he likes me to throw it so he can chase it down and bring it back to me.

More videos about dachshunds.   Watch Hershey enjoy his bath.  I have owned 4 dachshunds over the past 28 years and only Hershey enjoyed his bath. 

My other 3 dachshunds all hid when they knew a bath was coming, but Hershey actually sprinted into the bath when he heard the word "bath". 

To be honest, when I bought my first dachshund from a breeder, I didn't know a lot about dachshunds either.   I struggled with Barney, my male dachshund to stop his uncontrollable barking.  He disliked all other dogs in the neighborhood and was acting crazy when walking by them. 

I was frustrated trying to train my first weiner doggy and kept reading and researching.  I talked with an experienced breeder who was also a vet and he gave me a lot of great advice. 

I had to be patient as he was a handful.

It took a few months, but with patient, reward, and bonding, I was able to have him look up to me as the leader and was a calmer dachshund as well.   

He lived to be 18 years of age and when he passed away I was crushed.  That was a painful ordeal as he actually was my shadow as he followed me everywhere. 

If you are looking to buy your first dachshund it is advisable to find a reputable breeder and do not buy just from anyone that sells dachshunds.   Here is one reputable breeder.  

But of course, a good recommended way to get a dachshund is to adopt one from a rescue center.   There are dachshund rescue centers in every state and I have a list of them here.

Also, check out my facebook page and youtube page about dachshunds.  

I would advise anyone who owns a dachshund to make sure you purchase a dog ramp as you don't want your dachshund to jump up and down from beds, couches, stairs, etc.   Dachshunds are prone to back problems and it is vital to get a dog ramp to prevent back injuries.  

And make sure you don't allow your dachshund to become overweight, as they will be more prone to having a back issue.    

Plus, by keeping your dachshund at a normal weight, they are less likely to develop other issues as well.