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Care and Training For A Happy And Healthy Dachshund

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The dachshunds are energetic, loyal, and make great companions.  They love to be lap dogs and like affection.

14 Mistakes New Dachshund Owners Make

Dachshund Owners- 14 Mistakes New Owners Make 1 . Not Supervising

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When you own a weiner doggy most of them are known to be barkers.   Their bark can be quite loud and unless you train them properly can be annoying.

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A weiner doggy  with their short legs and long bodies make you laugh with the way they run.   Many cities and towns have their weiner dog races as that provides total enjoyment.

I highly recommend you help out abused and homeless dogs and cat.
Critter Crusaders is an all volunteer trusted non-profit since 2008.  No donor funds are used for anything other then medical care for homeless dogs and cats. Your hard earned money goes directly to the animals who need it the most.  Click on the button below to see the animals who are in need of medical assistance.

Want to own a weiner doggy?  8 Steps to see if you are ready to own a dachshund.