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When choosing from name ideas for miniature dachshunds, you might want to consider their unique personality, small stature and the breed’s German heritage.

If you are lacking in inspiration to name your new dachshund puppy, or are struggling to find the right name to suit their developing personality, we’ve got some of the best names for dachshund dogs.

We’ve put together several name ideas categorized into playful, traditional and some inspired by their size and characteristics.

Name Ideas For Miniature Dachshunds

Selecting a name for your miniature dachshund puppy should be a fun process. Don’t get too hung up about it as they will learn their name during the training process for dachshunds.

When naming them, consider their personality, looks and of course your personal preferences for the type of names you have given to dogs previously.

Whether you choose a playful, traditional, or size-inspired name, your dachshund’s name will become a big part of their identity and your life together.

Playful Names

  • Wiggles – Perfect for a dachshund that loves to squirm and wiggle.
  • Dapper – For a pup with a classy and refined demeanor.
  • Pretzel – Reflecting their flexible, twistable physique.
  • Schnitzel – A nod to their German roots with a whimsical twist.
  • Mischief – Ideal for a dachshund that’s always up to something.

Traditional German Names

  • Fritz – A classic German name that’s short and sweet.
  • Heidi – Captures the spirit of the German countryside and is perfect for a female dachshund.
  • Gretel – Another traditional name that’s charming for a dainty dachshund girl.
  • Klaus – Strong and classic, this name suits a male dachshund well.
  • Liesel – A beautiful, traditional name that sounds elegant.

Inspired by Size & Characteristics

  • Peanut – For a tiny dachshund with a sweet personality.
  • Shorty – A cute reference to their small legs and long body.
  • Dash – Perfect for a dachshund with a speedy personality.
  • Nugget – Because they’re as precious as gold and small in size.
  • Bean – A cute, tiny name for a lovable little dachshund.

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Boy Name Ideas For Dachshunds & Miniature Dachshunds

Some ideas that range from reflecting their charming characteristics and German heritage to simply being fun and unique.

Classic German Names

  • Otto – Strong and traditional, with a sense of nobility.
  • Max – A popular name that’s both German and perfect for any dog.
  • Bruno – Strong and masculine, with a classic feel.
  • Hans – Short and sweet, easy to call out in the park.
  • Friedrich – For a dachshund with a grand personality, nicknamed “Fritz”.

Names Inspired by Their Appearance & Personality

  • Bandit – For a dachshund with a mischievous streak.
  • Rusty – A great name for a dachshund with a reddish coat.
  • Slinky – Perfect for a dachshund, reminiscent of the toy that mirrors their shape.
  • Baxter – A friendly and versatile name for a loyal companion.
  • Copper – Ideal for a dachshund with a shiny, brown coat.

Names Reflecting Their Size & Stature

  • Pint – A cute name for a small, but spirited dachshund.
  • Tiny – Simple and sweet, highlighting their small size.
  • Shortcake – A playful name that’s as sweet as it sounds.
  • Pebble – Small but significant, for a dachshund that makes a big impact.
  • Bean – For a tiny dachshund with a big personality.

Unique & Fun Names

  • Gizmo – For a dachshund with a quirky personality.
  • Ziggy – A fun and energetic name for a lively dachshund.
  • Milo – A friendly and approachable name that’s easy to love.
  • Arlo – Unique and charming, perfect for a dachshund with personality.
  • Rocco – A strong name with a playful edge, suitable for a bold dachshund.

Girl Name Ideas For Dachshunds & Miniature Dachshunds

Some name ideas that range from cute and classic to inspired by their distinctive traits and German heritage.

Cute and Playful Names

  • Daisy – A cheerful and bright name for a joyful dachshund.
  • Bella – Popular and sweet, it’s perfect for a lovely girl.
  • Pixie – For a small, playful dachshund with a bit of magic in her step.
  • Zoey – Vibrant and lively, great for an energetic pup.
  • Ruby – A precious and adorable name for a dachshund that’s a real gem.

Classic German Names

  • Greta – A strong and classic name with German roots.
  • Heidi – Inspired by the Alps, it’s perfect for an adventurous dachshund.
  • Lotte – A charming and sweet name, diminutive of Charlotte.
  • Anka – Simple and elegant, with a traditional German touch.
  • Elsa – Classic and regal, fitting for a dachshund with a noble personality.

Inspired by Their Appearance & Traits

  • Coco – Perfect for a dachshund with a dark, chocolatey coat.
  • Ginger – A spicy and vibrant name for a dachshund with a reddish coat.
  • Penny – A cute name for a valuable and cherished companion.
  • Olive – A name that’s as unique and sweet as your dachshund.
  • Willow – For a dachshund that’s graceful and flexible.

Names Reflecting Their Size & Elegance

  • Petite – A French name that highlights her small and elegant stature.
  • Dot – Short and sweet, perfect for a tiny dachshund.
  • Bijou – Meaning “jewel” in French, ideal for a precious little girl.
  • Tilly – A name that’s both playful and delicate.
  • Fifi – A playful and chic name for a dachshund with a lot of personalities.

There is no right or wrong way to name your dog. It’s all about choosing a name you think suits your new pup. Some opt for traditional names, other prefer modern or funky.

Get to know your dachshund puppy and you will unearth a natural fit when it comes to choosing the right name ideas for miniature dachshunds.