Training a dachshund requires different training from other dogs. Here are some proven methods and handy tips.

Want to get your dachshund to stop barking at people, animals, or objects? Want your dachshund to walk nicely and calmly and not pull on the leash?

Want to get your stop your dachshund from being aggressive toward people or other animals?

Did you know that training a Dachshund requires different training methods than other dogs?

Training A Dachshund

Dachshunds require special mental command that triggers their behavior.

Also, training a dachshund requires the use of simple language and they are pack animals and will only obey the alpha, which is you the owner.

So you need to establish yourself as the pack leader, and that is vital to having a well-behaved dachshund.

How To Become Your Dachshund’s Pack Leader

Many dog owners want to know how to become the pack leader? You have to convince your dachshund that you are the person in charge and that they will trust you and your decisions.

When you establish yourself as the pack leader, your dachshund will listen to you as they will be confident in what you say and do.

Dachshunds, like all pack animals by instinctive nature, need to have a leader of the pack. If you don’t establish yourself as the leader of the pack, training your dachshund will not be effective.

Your dachshund will decide to be the leader and that means they will bark when they want, jump up when they want, decide to chase after other dogs and people, etc.

So when you become the leader of the pack, then all decisions and outcomes are decided by you and they will listen.

So as an example, when you are walking them on a leash, you will decide how they behave in all different situations, such as when another dog or person walks by.

Training a dachshund goes beyond just walking them on a leash, but all other types of behavior. Thus, you always want to be reinforcing to them that you are the pack leader, as the results of training will be successful in having a well-behaved dachshund.

Tips To Teach Your Dachshund Not To Tug On The Leash

As an example, here are tips if you want to teach your dachshund not to tug on the leash:

  • When getting out your dachshund’s leash, make sure you wait to have them calm down until you are ready to go out. Keep calm as they get excited. You don’t want to rush through the excitement stage.
  • Always practice in your own home first.
  • Start out by only walking outside around your home so they can get familiar with their surroundings.
  • After practicing this stage, then later you can venture farther out. If they start misbehaving you start back at only around your home again.

Dog Training Course For Training a Dachshund

WARNING(!): Dachshunds are probably one of the top 20 Dogs that are hardest to housebreak. The Toy Dachshunds are especially hard to housebreak, because of their small size.

Dog Training Tips

When you are training a dachshund, there are a few key tips you will want to master in order to have them behave quickly and effectively. This will also develop into a great bond between you and your dachshund.

Once you win your dachshund’s mind in the beginning, they will look to you for the answers and this will be the key to making dog training simple.

The second key component in successful dachshund training is to find out what motivates your dog to listen. Food is always a good motivator, however, you will want to find a second motivator besides food.

Some play encouragement can be a good motivator. Figure out what type of play your dachshund enjoys can be their reward. They will have fun and make your training a dachshund more enjoyable.

Also, for dachshunds, you need to learn the nine different distinct types of barking, as that is a key to stopping their excessive barking like when someone comes to the door or another dog walking by.

Potty training can be difficult as well. Dachshunds are scent hounds and in case they have an accident at home, it is extremely difficult to stop them from eliminating at the same place.

Only three things can help you with housebreaking your Dachshund – Patience, Consistency, and the right guidance on house training.

You will need just 20 minutes per day for housebreaking, stopping excessive barking, and overall obedience.