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Dachshund Dog Names



dachshund dog names

The dachshund name comes from their origin in Germany. Their sweet, funny, and bold personality makes them a very popular breed in the United States.

If you have recently bought or adopted a dachshund, perhaps you are trying to find the perfect name for your new family member.

Below is a list of the 50 most popular dachshund names.

In this 50 list, I have included a list of the top 10 most popular male dachshund names, and 10 most popular female dachshund names.

Also, below is a list of 12 Candy inspired dachshund dog names and 12 celebrity dachshund dog names.

50 Most Popular Dachshund Names

1. Toby
2. Chloe
3. Louie
4. Maggie
5. Ruby
6. Rocky
7. Tucker
8. Ginger
9. Stella
10. Jack
11. Winnie
12. Pepper
13. Ellie
14. Gus
15. Millie
16. Buster
17. Piper
18. Leo
19. Moose
20. Peanut
21. Henry
22. Lulu
23. Abby
24. Olive
25. Duke
26. Bruno
27. Finn
28. Teddy
29. Hank
30. Dixie
31. Frank
32. Hazel
33. Jax
34. Minnie
35. Beau
36. Rudy
37. Benny
38. Archie
39. Honey
40. Bear
41. Loki
42. Otis
43. Lady
44. Phoebe
45. Baxter
46. Heidi
47. Murphy
48. Odie
49. Peanut
50. Bandit


Top 10 Male Dachshund Dog Names

1. Charlie
2. Max
3. Oscar
4. Buddy
5. Milo
6. Oliver
7. Ollie
8. Winston
9. Frankie
10. Bailey

Top 10 Female Dachshund Names

long haired miniature dachshund

1. Bella
2. Lucy
3. Daisy
4. Penny
5. Luna
6. Lily
7. Coco
8. Lola
9. Zoe
10. Roxy

two dachshunds

12 Candy Dachshund Dog Names

Many dachshunds dog names are named after candy.  Here are some of the most popular candy dachshund dog names.

1. Almond Joy
3. Cocoa
4. Butterscotch
5. Cookie
6. Cupcake
7. Fudge
8. Brownie
9. Milky Way
10. Snickers
11. Toffee
12. Twixt

12 Celebrity Dachshund Dog Names

Many celebrities owned dachshunds throughout the years. Here are some of the famous dachshund dog names.

 1. Red – Clint Eastwood
2. Blake – John Wayne
3. Clown – Brigitte Bardot
4. Commissioner – Clark Gable
5. Dyna – Gary Cooper
6. Fortune – Napoleon Bonaparte
7. Helen – William Randolph Hearst
8. Jezebel – Cole Porter
9. Lump – Picasso
10. Archie and Amos – Andy Warhol
11. Stanley and Boogie – David Hockney
12. Waldi – 1972 Munich Olympics Mascot

Finding the perfect name for your dachshund is a snap, thanks to the Rover.com database of dog names nationwide. 

Dachshund Laws

1. Must be stubborn
2. Must bark at every stranger or dog
3. Must eat their food then pretend they haven’t eaten and beg for yours.
4. Must take forever to pee
5. Must be your best friend
6. Must have cuddle time on your lap
7. Must sniff and try and dig holes in your yard.
8. Must have their bellies rubbed.
9. Must ignore any command that doesn’t suit them
8. Must be loyal and love you forever

Dachshund- Little stubborn dictators who pretend they don’t hear your commands
but can hear a piece of candy being unwrapped through 3 walls.

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About the Author

I have owned dachshunds for the past 27 years and have been part of my family and my life.

I had my first dachshund develop a back issue, but by giving him natural joint supplements he was able to be pain free the rest of his life. He lived to be 17 years old.

My goal is to show others what information I learned throughout the years for providing the best healthy dog food, supplements, and treats. ​

I continue to learn from other dog breeders, vets, and scientific research to help your dachshunds live a long and healthy life.


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