Chiweenie - Dachshund Mix Chihuahua

The Chiweenie is the breed of a dachshund and chihuahua mix. Here is the complete guide and all you need to know.

The Chiweenie is a newer mixed breed of dogs, that is growing in popularity in the United States.

Chiweenie Breed Facts & Figures

The Chiweenie will be even smaller size than a dachshund as typically will weigh between 5 and 12 pounds. And their height will be somewhere from six to ten inches to their shoulders.

Chiweenies are pretty small, but that can depend on the mix. If you bred the standard size Chihuahua with a Miniature Dachshund they could weigh as little as 3 pounds up to 11 pounds. This is called a Mini Chiweenie.

On the other hand if you get a mix of a standard size Dachshund with a Teacup Chihuahua they can weight from 8 pounds up to 32 pounds.

The coat of a Chiweenie will like that of its parents. The common coat colors are brown, black, white, tan, or a mixture. Their coat can be smooth or rough (wiry).

Their color can be a mix of each parent so the color combinations of a Chiweenie can be many colors.

Facts on the Dachshund Mix Chihuahua

The AKC The American Kennel Club says the dachshund breed originated in Germany and bred to hunt badgers. They were registered in 1885 with the AKC Then in the United States in the 1990’s breeders started mixing the dachshund with the Chihuahua.

Breeders thought that this mix would be a breed that wouldn’t have as many back issues as a normal dachshund.

The Chiweenie breed can have either floppy ears or straight perky ears.

Since Chihuahuas are a short coat breed, the Chiweenie will typically have a short coat as well, even if the Dachshund was long haired. The Chiweenie may either have the face of the Chihuahua or the face of the Dachshund

Other Names for Chiweenies (Dachshund Mix Chihuahua)

Even though that is the most widely use name, they have other nicknames such as:

  • Weeniehuahua
  • Choxie
  • Dachuahua
  • Chihiweenie
  • Doxihuahua
  • Chiwee
  • Chihuahua Doxie
  • Doxiwawa

Dachshund Mix Chihuahua Cost & Buying A Chiweenie (Pro & Cons)

The cost of a Chiweenie puppy can be can be as low as $300-$400 depending on the color and bloodline. Normally they are a bit more inexpensive than some other designer breeds.

However, if you want a special color type like a merle-color you might pay as much as $1,900.

If your are thinking about purchasing a Chiweenie (Dachshund mix Chihuahua) here are the pros and cons.


Being this small, they will make great pets for people who live in apartments.

They are great dogs to have for singles or couples as they tend to bond with one or two people. If you have older teens they could be okay as well.

Chiweenies are a great lap dog and love to cuddle.

Chiweenies can get adapted fairly quickly into a new home and are good guard dogs.

Chiweenies do not need a lot of grooming. If they are short haired maybe once a week, if they have a long coat, they need to be brushed maybe 2 or 3 times a week. Make sure you clean their ears once a week and trim their nails about once a month.

Chiweenies are low shedding whether they are short or long haired and only have to bathe them maybe every 4 weeks.

The Chiweenie will live longer than a lot of other breeds, usually between 12-16 years.


They could be fairly quiet but on the other hand they could be a barker. If they are, you will need to get their barking under control as the neighbors will probably complain.

They might not be a good choice for families with little kids as they can be nervous, short-tempered and snappy around little kids. They can also be jealous if you have other pets.

Chiweenies being a small dog they have a small bladder and you will need to take them out many times a day to pee when they are in the puppy stage.

If you have friends come over, and they don’t know them yet, they will be on guard and start barking excessively.

If they are long haired, you might have to brush them regularly. However, still they won’t need a lot of brushing or grooming like other breeds.

However, it may require more bathing depending on whether your Chiweenie is outside a lot and likes to roll around in the grass and other things that might get them dirty. However, don’t bathe them too much as this can irritate and dry out their skin.

Since they will have the tendency to have intervertebral disc disease since they are part dachshund.

However, their body won’t be quite as long as a normal dachshund so this can help in regards to potentially not having as many back issues.

They could potentially have dental issues, diabetes, and seizures.

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You want to make sure you buy the right puppy food to keep them healthy so they don’t develop a weight problem when they get older. If they become obese later in life that is when they could get a back problem.

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The Chiweenie likes to play and makes sure you give them short walks, and gentle playing with their dog toys for exercise. With their tiny bones and body you don’t want to overwork them.

The exercise should be a around 30-60 minutes twice a day. If you have an apartment or small home they will have adequate space they can run around.

For a family with young kids and a large home, a Chiweenie may not be the best choice.

For a single person or married couple with an apartment or condo, don’t need to be outside a lot, and want a small lovable lap dog, a Chiweenie could be a good choice.

Bottom Line: 6 Reasons Why You Should Get A Chiweenie (Dachshund Mix Chihuahua)

1. Their small size is perfect for apartments.

2. They usually can adapt quickly to their new home and owner(s).

3. They are lovable lap dogs, loyal, and entertaining

4. They typically will live long 12-16 and usually don’t have a lot of health issues.

5. They will make an excellent watch dog.

6. They don’t shed a lot.

Bottom Line: 5 Reasons Why You Should NOT Get A Chiweenie

1. They don’t do well with small kids and other pets.

2. They can be barkers and hard to train.

3. Both the Dachshund and Chihuahua side are very stubborn and when they get their mind on something they are strong-willed.

4. They may inherit some genetic issues from the parents. From the Dachshund side they could get Intervertebral disc disease. If they have the small head of the Chihuahua, they could have teeth problems. So you will need to clean their teeth quite often.

5. If you have friends that come over to visit, they could be snappy with them.


If you plan on getting a Chiweenie puppy, you need to start socializing it right away in order to reduce their aggressiveness.

It is important to make sure to clean their teeth regularly so a doggy toothbrush and tooth paste along with some dental chews like greenies is recommended.

Since they are a small dog with a small skull they have the same number of teeth as a larger dog. So this results in teeth that are close together, so they need to be cleaned often so plaque and tooth decay doesn’t develop.