Dashshund Puppy Swimming

Do Dachshunds swim is a commonly asked question and they answer is they can both often naturally swim, and they can be taught to swim.

Dachshunds generally are the type of dog that will run into the water to start swimming. But just because Dachshunds can swim doesn’t mean they like to.

Some dachshunds do not like the water and some dachshunds love the water.

Of my last four dachshunds, I had one male dachshund who absolutely loved the water. He looked forward to his bath as well and would howl in excitement when it was his bath/shower time.

I had two female dachshunds that did not like the water and didn’t like getting bathed either. They would try and hide when it was their bath time.

Then the other male dachshund I had was leery about the water and at first, did not enjoy it. But after getting used to it he didn’t mind the bath/shower at all.

In fact, he loved to get wet when I had the sprinkler going in the yard and would run through it snapping at the water.

So if you have a dachshund that is at first reluctant to go into the water, they may be taught to like the water.

Realize though that dachshunds are not going to be great swimmers like some other dog breeds as their short legs make it hard work to paddle.

Do Dachshunds Swim If They Don’t Like The Water?

Some dachshunds may have wet dog syndrome so they will not like the water.

If your dachshund has wet dog syndrome they do not like it when their tummy gets wet. This might cause them to not want to go outside if it is raining.

Because of their elongated bodies that are low to the ground, their tummy will easily get wet from rainwater splashing on the grass. So they probably won’t like walking when it is raining nor will they like swimming.

The majority of dachshunds since they were bred as hunters, would rather chase squirrels or other rodents rather than swim.

However, if you want to take your dachshund out into a pool or lake, here are nine safety tips to be aware of.

9 Safety Tips If Your Dachshund Enjoys Swimming

1. Get a life jacket for your dachshund

It is highly recommended you purchase a dog life jacket to make sure your dachshund won’t drown.

Here are some recommended dachshund life jackets for your dachshund.

2. Teach your dachshund where and how to enter and exit the pool

For those who own a pool or taking their dachshund to a pool, you need to show them where the steps are to go into the pool.

That way if they would accidently fall in they will know where to climb out of the pool.

If you own a pool, you can buy a dog ramp that will fit the edge of the pool so your dachshund can walk out.

3. Let them adapt slowly to the water

If your dachshund has not experienced getting into a pool, you want to be by the steps and lower them slowly into the water to see how they react.

If they are a bit afraid, speak to them with encouragement and give them a treat and allow them to go in slowly at their own pace.

4. Don’t ever leave your dachshund alone in the water

Remember to always be there when they are in the water to make sure an accident doesn’t happen where they might drown.

5. For lakes and ocean swimming, you need to make sure the surroundings are safe

Before you let your dachshund go into a lake or ocean, you need to check the area to make sure there are not rocks, sharp objects, and high waves.

You want to be sure it is safe before letting your Dachshund swim.

6. Keep an eye on them if they are getting tired

Dachshunds might be having fun swimming, but learn to tell when they are getting tired and exhausted. You want to limit how long they stay swimming, especially since they must paddle harder with short legs.

7. Watch to make sure they don’t swallow water

When a dachshund swims they are splashing and sometimes will try and snap at the water. Some of the water can get in their mouth and too much water can result in water intoxication.

When this happens they can lose coordination, become lethargic, have trouble breathing, and even vomit.

So if you see any signs of this make sure to get them out of the water immediately.

8. Let them drink fresh water before you let them swim

Your dachshund if they are thirsty may try and drink the chlorine water (if in a pool), toxic water (if in a lake), or salt water (if in the ocean).

By letting them drink a lot of water before swimming can help ensure they won’t drink the pool, lake, or ocean water.

9. Keep an eye on the sun and birds of prey

Too much sun can cause your dachshund to get sunburn just like us humans.

And make a quick check above to make sure there are no eagles or hawks flying overhead as they can try and swoop down and pick up your dachshund.

You don’t have to be paranoid about this, but just watch if you see an eagle or hawk circling and showing interest in your dachshund.

Swimming is a good exercise for your dachshund and can help them burn calories and prevent them from becoming overweight.

It will help strengthen their muscles and build up their stamina. Plus, if you have an older dachshund that has arthritis, then swimming can be very beneficial over walking as it won’t be hard on their joints.

In fact, after some dogs have surgeries, water therapy can be used as it reduces pressure on their joints.

Water Sports Dachshunds Enjoy

Some dog owners like to get their dachshunds out on paddle boards and kayaks.

Your dachshund is small enough as they can ride on the top of a paddleboard or seat comfortably in a kayak.

And for dachshund owners who like to fish or go motor boating, taking your dachshund along can be enjoyable for them.

So the question do dachshunds swim? Yes, they can. A dachshund can swim, but whether they want to or not depends on your dachshund.