Pronounce Dachshund

The word Dachshund may look difficult to say, but when broken down “Daks-hund” or “Dak-sund” is how to pronounce Dachshund.

This pronunciation is influenced by the word’s German origins, where “Dachs” means badger and “Hund” means dog. The emphasis is typically on the first syllable, with the “ach” sounding like “aks” in English.

What Does Dachshund Mean?

The word “Dachshund” comes from German and literally translates to “badger dog”. This name reflects the breed’s original purpose: these dogs were bred to hunt badgers.

Their long, low bodies and keen sense of smell made them especially adept at following these animals into their burrows.

Over time, while they’ve become popular as pets, the name still reflects their historical role as hunting dogs.

What Are Other Names For A Dachshund?

Dachshunds are affectionately referred to by several other names, reflecting their unique appearance and personality. Some of these include:

Wiener Dog or Weiner Dog

This nickname comes from their resemblance to a hot dog or sausage. “Wiener” is a term for a type of sausage.

Sausage Dog

Similar to the above, this name is a playful reference to their long, narrow bodies that resemble a sausage.


This is a more affectionate and shortened form of the word Dachshund.


In some countries, particularly in Europe, Dachshunds are known as Teckels. This is another traditional German name for the breed.

Badger Dog

A direct translation of their German name, referencing their original purpose as badger hunters.


Another affectionate, informal term often used by Dachshund enthusiasts.

How Do You Pronounce Wiener Dog?

The term “Wiener Dog” is pronounced as “WEE-ner Dog”.

The Wiener part sounds like “wee-ner,” where the “W” is pronounced like a “V” in German, but in English, it’s pronounced with a “W” sound.

This term is a playful reference to the Dachshund’s long, narrow body, resembling a hot dog or sausage, known as a wiener or Frankfurter, named after the city of Frankfurt, Germany.

What Is A Frankfurter Dog?

A Frankfurter dog is not a specific breed of dog, but rather a colloquial term sometimes used to refer to a Dachshund.

This nickname is derived from the resemblance of the Dachshund’s long, narrow body to a Frankfurter sausage, which is a type of hot dog.

The term Frankfurter originally refers to a sausage from Frankfurt in Germany, similar to how Wiener refers to a sausage from Vienna in Austria (Wien in German).