Trim Dog Nails

Do you have the vet trim dog nails for you when you take them into checkups? Or do you have a dog groomer trim your dog’s nails? Here’s our guide for how to trim a dachshund’s nails.

Either of these will cost you money and it is more affordable if you can trim Dachshund nails yourself. However, many dog owners are afraid to do this as it can be a challenge.

Your Dachshund might hate getting their nails trimmed and will squirm and wiggle, and you might be afraid to clip too much nail and hurt them.

But cutting them is good for their long-term health and here is our step-by-step advice:

10 Steps To Trim Dachshund’s Nails

1. Purchase a dog grooming hammock

This will hold your Dachshund in place so you can safely trim their nails. If you don’t have a dog grooming hammock, your Dachshund might not lay still and squirm and wiggle and try and get away.

The dog hammock will reduce the time and effort to try and keep them still so you can safely trim their nails.

2. Practice holding their paw

Before you trim their nails, practice by holding their paw and touching it first. They might try and pull back their paw.

Try it again and hold their paw for a few seconds at a time. Then reward them with a treat.

Keep practicing this a few times per day, and reward them with a treat. If they don’t pull back their paw, now softly touch his nails.

Eventually, they will stop pulling back their paw when you hold it and touch their nail.

3. Purchase a dog trimmer instead of regular nail clippers

This is important especially if you have never trimmed a Dachshund’s nails before.

Many dog trimmers are safe so you can grind down their nail, whereas with a clipper you could cut too deep into their vein which can cause pain and draw some blood.

Here are our recommended dog trimmers so you can safely trim a Dachshund’s nails.

4. You are ready to begin

Start trimming those nails.

5. Put your Dachshunds in the hammock

First step is to put your dachshund in the hammock, or alternative method if you aren’t using one.

6. Keep them calm and distracted

Talk to them to keep them distracted and give them a treat.

7. Trim around their paws

If you have a long-haired dog, you will want to clip some of the hair around their toes before you start using the dog trimmer.

Once you do that, now gently hold their paw and insert the dog trimmer.

Use the slower setting, to begin with, and go slow and give them treats. Trim the nail on their paw and praise them (saying good dog) and give them a treat.

The Casfuy dog nail trimmer allows you to grind their nails without cutting too deep.

Now go to the next paw and repeat the same process.

8. Reward with treats again

When you are finished trimming their nails, give them a final treat, praise them and pet them.

It is important to make this a positive experience for them.

9. Repeat once a month

Many dog owners recommend to trim dog nails about once a month, but it depends on how much exercise they get on hard surfaces.

If they get a lot of exercise on hard surfaces they might be able to go longer without trimming their nails.

10. Ditch the hammock

At some point, when you have trimmed their nails enough times, you could avoid using the dog hammock and they can lay on their side while you trim their nails.

Conclusion: How To Trim A Dachshund’s Nails

Go slowly through the steps and make your dachshund comfortable by praising them and giving them a treat.

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