The dachshund corgi mix is called a “dorgi”. It is a cross from a purebred dachshund and a purebred Pembroke Welsh corgi.

One famous Dorgi was owned by Queen Elizabeth II. She named him Fergus, after her uncle was killed in during the first World War.

Dachshund Corgi Mix Characteristics

1. Their ears may be either erect like the Corgi or floppy like the Dachshund.

2. They will be about 9-12 inches tall and could weigh from 15 pounds to 28 pounds.

3. The Dorgi will have a fox-like face. The coat may be short or medium in length. It is usually black or brown.

4. There are two Corgis, the Pembroke Welsh Corgi and the Cardigan Welsh Corgi.

5. Since the Corgi and the Dachshund are barkers the Dorgi will probably be a barking dog as well.

Dachshund Corgi Mix Personality

The dachshund has a playful personality, while the corgi is a lively and affectionate dog.

The Corgi is a herding dog while the Dachshund is a prey hunting dog.

The Dachshund Corgi mix is also prone to obesity. They should be kept active and exercised daily.

They will be loyal, adorable, and full of energy. They are brave, independent, and protective of their owners.

The dachshund corgi mix can live up to 15 years.

The Dorgi is a great watch dog as they will bark when someone is near the yard or house.

The Dorgi coat could be like the dachshund, which is smooth haired, wire haired, or long haired. Their coat could be more like the Corgi which is more of the dense medium coat.

It will depend on which side of the breed they take after.

The colors can be a number of combinations, such as brown, black, tan, gold, or white.

The Dachshund Corgi mix is a breed that doesn’t shed a lot. Their shedding will depend on the coat, so it could be very minimal for a short haired or moderate for a long haired.

If they are a short haired Dorgi you might only need to bathe them once every couple of months. If they are a long haired Dorgi then you might need to bathe them once a month.

Just don’t over bathe them as they are prone to dry skin and too much bathing can rid some of their natural oil.

The long haired Dorgi should also be brushed on a daily basis. If they are short haired you only need to brush occasionally to get rid of stray hairs.

You need to clean their ears on a weekly basis and check the dog’s nails and eyes. They will need their nails clipped on a regular basis.

It can be difficult to train the dog, as it is prone to stubborn streaks. They may bark when they see strangers or when they don’t want to be left alone.

It is important to start setting rules for the Dorgi as soon as possible.

Having a dachshund corgi mix can be a great idea for those wanting an affectionate dog that has a close bond with the owners.

Dachshund Corgi Mix Cost

The normal cost from a reputable breeder is around $500, which is less expensive than buying either a purebred Corgi or a purchasing a purebred Dachshund.

It may be difficult to find a breeder as there aren’t a lot of Dorgi breeders.

The Dorgi’s usually have a litter of 2 to 5 pups a year.

Pembroke Welsh Corgi vs Dachshund Characteristics

Whether you are considering a Dachshund or Pembroke Welsh Corgi for your next family pet, you may be wondering how the two breeds compare.

The Corgi was bred to herd livestock and is still used today for this purpose.

The Pembroke Welsh Corgi is a breed that stands between 10 and 12 inches at the shoulder. The breed has a docked tail.

They are also known as Herding Dogs, which means they are hardy and built to handle livestock. The breed also has a level topline and short hocks.

They are also very active dogs, so they will need daily exercise.

They can come in a variety of coat colors, including black, white, sable and tan.

They are also highly protective and loyal to their owners. They can weigh as little as 11 pounds or as much as 50 pounds. They are also highly vocal.

If you are looking for a dog that will be an excellent companion, a Pembroke Welsh Corgi is one that you should consider.

This breed is easy to care for and a good choice for a family dog. It is also a very popular show dog.

They are also considered an enchanted breed because of their loyal nature and their happy smile.

The Pembroke Welsh Corgi is a great breed for families with children.

The breed is easy to care for and has a long life expectancy of about 11 to 15 years. They are highly intelligent, and have a cheerful personality.

They are also easy to train, which is important for young dogs.

The Corgi is a small, active, fearless dog. They are often used for herding cattle and sheep.

They are also known for their loud, barking. They also have a strong desire to interact with people and animals and are a great choice for families with children.

Corgis have a double coat, which means it has a water-resistant undercoat and a weatherproof outer coat. They have a choice of white, fawn, red, black, or brown markings.

Their coats are thick and weatherproof, and can last for up to 10 years. It is recommended that they receive regular baths.

They also require daily brushing, which keeps their coats free of clumps and dead hair.

They also have an official “shedding season” in early summer and late spring, which is when they shed more than other breeds.

Dachshunds are known for being very social dogs, and they make great companions as they are loyal to their owners.

Despite the popularity of the dog, however, they can suffer from back issues.

Dachshunds have a long body and short legs, which makes them easy to navigate through tunnels as they were bred to burrow for prey.

They are also very friendly and love to cuddle with humans. They are good companions but are also a great guard dog. However, they can be prone to separation anxiety.

They are also extremely active and may be overly playful and stubborn.

The Dachshund Corgi‘s temperament is usually good, and they make great dogs for families.

They are also very sociable, and are very attached to their owners. However, they can be a bit stubborn, so it is important to be firm with them.

Dachshund Corgi Mix Issues

Dorgi’s for the most part are a healthy dog and can live to be 12-15 years of age.

However, it is important to know what health issues are common in Dorgis so you can be on the lookout for signs and symptoms.

1. One of the most common health issues in Dorgis is IVDD (Intervertebral Disc Disease).

With their long bodies, IVDD could be an issue. This is a condition in which the outer parts of the disc begin to harden.

You must make sure they don’t jump up and down on sofas and beds. And make sure they don’t go up and down stairways.

2. The Dorgi is also prone to separation anxiety. The dog is not suited for apartment living. It is best for homes with free time to spend with the dog.

3. Another common issue is that the Dorgi will tend to bark a lot and they have a loud bark for their size. It will take patience and consistent training so they don’t bark excessively.

4. Dorgis are also prone to cataracts. Canine cataracts cause poor vision and opacity on the lens of the dog’s eyes. Cataracts can be treated surgically.However, if the cataracts become too large, they can cause blindness.

5. Dorgis also have a tendency to develop hip dysplasia. This condition is a result of the ball sliding away from the socket. This can cause pain in their hind legs. So you need to make this part of your vet’s checkup.

6. The Dorgi is a glutton and you need to be careful when feeding them, otherwise they could become obese.

If your Dorgi is overweight, you should watch for signs of joint problems. Overweight Dorgis are more likely to develop hip and joint issues.

Pros & Cons

Now that you know about the pros and cons of a Dachshund Corgi mix and still would like to own one, you want to purchase one from a reputable breeder.

The reputable breeder will provide paperwork on the parents along with vaccinations, and other info about the parents.

You can check around for breeder clubs or ask your vet about finding a reputable breeder.