cute dachshund puppy lying on soft cozy bed

Dachshund anxiety separation is common for the dachshund breeds. How do you prevent it and help your dog cope on their own?

Since the dachshund is a pack dog, you and your family members are considered part of their pack.

So if you and your family suddenly leave the house, they become anxious as part of their pack is gone. They love being around their family and want you to be there all the time as a team.

Separation Anxiety Dachshunds

The first time you leave them alone they could have dachshund anxiety separation.

If they have just mild anxiety you can help them overcome this with training.

For those of you who have a puppy, you probably haven’t left them alone enough to see if they have any anxiety.

However, you can prepare for the time when you might have to leave the house for a short time in order to prevent dachshund anxiety separation.

Or perhaps you have an adopted rescue dachshund that already might have some anxiety separation. That is possible since the previous owner may have mistreated them.

Dachshund anxiety separation can be attributed to a lot of reasons.

Signs of dachshund separation anxiety?

One is the fear of abandonment if left alone.

If your dachshund starts chewing things or being destructive while you are gone, he may have separation anxiety.

But if you are home and he is barking, and chewing on things, they could just be seeking attention as they could be bored.

One way you can find out is to have a camera setup in your house to see how they act while you are gone.

Right before you leave the house, here are some signs to tell if your dachshund has separation anxiety.

1. They start getting excited and star whining

2. They try to jump up on you to stop you from going out the door.

3. They start drooling.

Here are signs of dachshund anxiety separation that you see on the camera you set up in your house.

1. Your dachshund paces around.

2. They start barking, howling, and whining.

3. They start chewing and ripping things up.

4. They go to the door and start scratching on it.

5. They urinate or poop in the house

Here are signs to look for when you return home.

1. They jump up at you when you step into the house

2. They cower and wag their tails excessively.

3. You find pee or poop in the house.

4. You find they chewed things up like shoes, socks, and even your sofa.

12 Steps To Help Dachshund’s Overcome Dachshund Anxiety Separation

1. Take your dachshund out for a walk to tire them out before you leave the house. That will help keep their anxiety down, and hopefully, they will want to take a nap.

2. Put them in their bed with soft blankets. If you crate train your dachshund, then have their bed and blanket in the crate and then cover the top with a blanket. This creates a safe den for your dachshund.

3. Give them a dog treat as a reward before you leave. Better yet, get a Kong ball and put a few treats in there to keep them occupied.

4. Pet them and give them a massage to calm them. Start the massage at their neck and massage them with long strokes.

5. Purchase a calming coat. Calming coats and t-shirts will apply mild, constant pressure to a dog’s torso, surrounding a dog much like a swaddling cloth on a baby.

6. Turn some soothing music on. Having relaxing music can really help calm them down. This also helps block out noises from outside so they don’t get scared.

7. When you are ready to leave the house be calm and don’t rush out the door. If you rush to go out the door, they will get overly anxious. Instead just quietly walk toward the door.

8 . Purchase a Furbo Camera so you can check on them remotely when you are not home. If you see your dachshund getting anxiety, you can calm them down with your voice and dispense a treat.

Easy 3-Step Setup: 1) plug into a power outlet using its USB cord 2) download the Furbo app 3) connect to your home. A stable internet connection & Wifi signal are recommended for best performance.

9. If you have to be away for more than four hours, have a friend or relative come over to let them out to go to the bathroom.

10. A real good idea is to have two dachshunds. They will keep each other company and not be alone.

11. Give them supplements such as; melatonin, chamomile, thiamin, and L-tryptophan. Also, Ginger is also good for reducing anxiety.

12. Get an Adptil Diffuser for dogs. This diffuser will plug into the wall socket in your home. This will release odorless pheromones that can help calm your dachshund.

By following these steps, they should help manage dachshund anxiety and keep them calm.