If you own a dachshund puppy you probably realize that they can be difficult to potty train. What are proven Dachshund puppy potty training methods?

Dachshunds are probably ranked as one of most difficult breeds to train.

*The room echoes with pieces of laughter* “So, you have adopted the great majesty Dachshund? Keep in your mind this breed has and lives in his own kingdom.

*Sigh* “Well, I tried to potty train my little-legged buddy myself. It wasn’t for saving a trainer’s fee but to enjoy Parenthood. My whole homework is going in vain. My Dachshund baby gives a damn like a cat.”

Adopting or buying a puppy is the most exquisite memory. Every step you take towards the rescue or adoption center becomes an integral part of your golden memories.

Those thousands of steps taken for adoption are not left prestigious than conceiving and nine months of holding a human baby in a womb.

Bringing up a puppy is just like bringing up a human baby. Teaching him how to have control over his reflexes requires lots of time.

However, if being a mini-legs-best-friend is the identity of your adopted pooch, that lots of timing doubles and so does the patience.

They are from the family of the “good boys”, but they have hidden genes of the “bad bosses” like cats.

When it comes to taking and picking up commands – particularly Dachshund puppy potty training, their swag is not less than cats.

Sitting on the sofa, the mini-four-legged-dachshund makes sure to give you an “O’ me?” stare if you command him to get aside.

No matter which being is a student or teacher, teaching lessons requires lots of patience. Suppose the case of training a dachshund puppy, efforts, hard work, and patience multiplied three times.

Throughout their lifespan, the Dachshund remains a puppy by heart. So, dachshund puppy potty training is not limited to puppyhood but covers the whole puppy-hearted life.

Dachshund Puppy Potty Training Tools

The right tools are vital and required for the perfect potty training of a dachshund puppy.

Here is a list that is required:

  • Harness or Collar – To tell him, his naughty swag is reined (advantages of a harness)
  • A Fixed Spot – Make him acknowledge, that the whole house can’t be the poop-house.

Even if you own an adult dachshund, they sometimes will sneak off and go to the bathroom in the house.

  • A Doggy Litter Box – However, don’t use Potty Pads. Why…because then it trains your dachshund to think it is okay to go to the bathroom in the house.

By using a doggy litter box, makes him respect his fixed spot and space. Even within his fixed spot, he can’t poo wherever he desires. He needs to learn the art of using the doggy litter box.

Here is a recommended doggy litter box with actual bark and grass:

  • Leash – To take him outside to show him this is where they need to learn to go. Also, you can put their leash on them inside the house to make sure they don’t wander off into another room.

Most dachshund puppies will have potty accidents when they wander away from you. So this way not only will they be close to you so you can keep an eye on them, but this will keep them from going off and chewing things as well.

  • Treats – To tell him, he has done a good job, and now he is growing up. Dachshunds like to be rewarded with positive reinforcement. When they go to the bathroom outside make sure you praise them and can even give them a treat.

Getting Started: Understanding the Dachshund Potty Habit

The dachshunds have small bladders. Those from this breed require emptying their bladder and stomach from one meal to another, or else obesity, stomach ache, and diarrhoea are the consequences.

Plus, dachshund puppies can get urinary tract infections if they are forced to hold off going to the bathroom for a long time.

As Dachshunds have very short legs, their stomach takes merely a few weeks to hit the floor. That is why training a dachshund puppy also prioritizes with tackling of obesity, which is frequent excretion.

Eager To Go – Poo-Poo or Pee

For dachshund puppy potty training, it’s all about getting the indirect signals so you can quickly get them outside to go to the bathroom.

Here are the signals that your dachshund puppy needs to go poo-poo or pee.

  • Whining
  • Whimpering
  • Nervous body language
  • Sudden conversion too severe attention seeker
  • Spinning and forming a circle
  • Sniffing
  • James Bond-like suspicion
  • Going towards, scratching, and barking at the door

The 100% Results Method

This method is the best dachshund puppy potty training steps.

Step 1

As I have said, Dachshunds are free-spirited and independent, which is similar to cats. They do not like to take instructions as they like to think they are the boss.

You have to sit on the sofa and wait for your boy to convey “It is Poo-Poo time” signals via his body language. This method requires you to be a sharp observer to be successful.

Step 2

Make a time schedule. Feed your dachshund at a regular time schedule and then watch them to see how much time after they eat when they have to go to the bathroom.

Usually, in the puppy stage, they usually will need to go to the bathroom about 30 minutes after they eat.

If your puppy is having accidents, you are waiting too long after they eat so you need to take them out sooner.

Here are the scheduled times you need to take them out:

1. After Waking Up

2. After Eating

3. After Playing

4. Before They Go To Bed

Step 3

Stand at his fixed spot and near his potty spot and say a “cue”. For the “cue”, choose a word. Like, you can choose “Potty!”.

Your puppy is not going to react initially at all. But you must not get discouraged by that. Keep on saying again and again on his every visit to potty unless he starts reacting.

Step 4

Crate Training. This is effective as your dachshund will not want to go to the bathroom in the place they eat and sleep. Plus this will prevent them from chewing on your furniture or other things in your house when you are gone.

Step 5

If he does well, reward him. For that, you need to get the correct and wider definition of reward. Rewards are not just edible treats. You can give “good puppy”, talk in sweet kiddy voices, rub his belly, give him a massage, and rub his head.

Step 6

During dachshund puppy potty training, if he starts to poop in any place that is not his fixed spot, stop him and choose a word for that also. Say in a strict tone, “No!!!”

Wrapping Up

We all love our little dachshunds.

Make sure you reward them for a good act and be alert to stop them quickly if they go poo-poo or pee in the house.

The key is you must have patience and keep on this schedule to properly potty train them.

If you want more training information check out Dr. Dunbar’s Puppy Training guide.