If you are looking for a dachshund for adoption there are many dachshund rescue centers across the United States that can help you find a dachshund that desperately needs your love and care.

Dachshunds are frequently surrendered to the adoption centers for many reasons.

People think that the dachshunds that are up for adoption are going to be a major problem as other owners wanted to get rid of them. That is simply not true.

Some dachshund owners maybe didn’t have time to take care of them.

However, there are always some dachshund owners that could have neglected or even abused them, which is terrible.

Suggestions For Selecting a Dachshund For Adoption

First, kneel down or squat, hold out your hand (with palm up), and call the dog using a gentle, kind voice to invite the dog to interact with you.

Now pay attention and see how the dachshund responds. Are they nervous, fearful, aggressive, playful, or affectionate?

Also, watch to observe the dachshund’s energy level.

Sometimes the dachshund for adoption is a bit nervous or excited so it can be a bit tricky to determine their behavior.

I would see how the dachshund interacts with all family members including other pets and see how those people and pets respond to the dachshund for adoption.

I would ask the people who work at the dachshund adoption center about their behavior as they will know since they are in contact with the dachshund each day.

You can also observe how the dachshund reacts to the people in the dachshund adoption center. Are they cautious, nervous, gentle, etc.?

The dog can become overwhelmed if they are bombarded with a lot of stimuli so don’t be overly excited yourself and instead be calm and affectionate.

Does The Dachshund React With Fear or Anger?

Here are other questions you can ask the dachshund adoption center.

1. Does the dachshund have any health issues?

2. Ask about the dachshund’s background like were they abused, neglected, or abandoned?

3. Why was the dachshund surrendered?

4. Does the dachshund for adoption have fears or anxiety you should be aware of?

5. Is the dachshund good around children?

6. Is the dachshund good around other pets?

7. Does the dachshund have any behavior issues that need to be addressed?

8. Is the dachshund potty trained?

Supplies For Your Dachshund for Adoption

Listed below are supplies to consider before adopting your dachshund.

Some of these items may need to be purchased after you have adopted your dachshund.

Many pet stores allow dogs to shop with their owners, so the two of you may enjoy choosing these items together. Alternatively you will find a lot of below available via Amazon.

Essentials For Your Dog

1. Dog Food – Choose quality, nutritious food. This will be the basis for his energy used to grow, thrive, and enjoy life with you!

2. Food and Water Bowls – These can be fun and unique to your dog’s personality, or they can be simple and functional.

3. Leash/Harnesses – Leashes or harnesses come in several styles, serving different functions. There are loads of colors and prints available.

4. Collar – A dog’s collar is his main article of clothing. It can display his personality while serving as a leash connector and a holder for his ID tags.

5. Dog Bed – Spoil your dog with a luxurious bed to lay his adorable head with our guide to the best recommended dog beds.

6. Treats – Treats are great for training, rewarding good behavior, and just as a special snack.

7. Toys – Toys provide your dog with mental and physical stimulation, entertainment, and activities with you, and they can even clean his teeth!

8. Shampoo – Keep their coat soft, clean, and smelling fresh with a shampoo made for dogs.

9. Dog Crate – These are especially important during the initial months of training and adjusting to his new home. A crate can provide a dog with security and comfort.

10. Dog Tags – If your dog gets lost, a tag will provide the person who finds him with your name and phone number.

11. Toothpaste and toothbrush – Dogs need clean teeth too, but don’t use your own oral hygiene products on your dog!

12. Nail trimmers – Your dog will need his nails trimmed regularly so he can walk comfortably.

13. Pet Seat Belt – If your dog will be riding in the car frequently, you may want to consider buckling him in with a pet seat belt.

14. Pooper Scooper – Keep your yard sanitary, and pick up after your canine friend.

15. Puppy Training Pads – These are disposable pads made of diaper material that can be laid out to absorb potential puppy accidents.

16. Baby Gates – These can be used to keep your dog out of off-limits rooms and be bought pretty cheaply.

Pet Proofing Your Home

After you get your new dachshund for adoption, you should prepare your home ahead of time. This is especially important if you are adopting a puppy!

Make sure it is safe and there will be no threats to your new dachshund.

The easiest way to do this is to get down on the floor at your dachshund’s level. Look around.

  • What can your dachshund reach?
  • What might he pull over on himself?
  • What is he going to chew?
  • Try to move these items out of his reach.

Tie up loose electrical cords…dachshunds could chew on these! Do not leave small items, clothing, shoes, children’s toys, etc, lying about. Dachshunds will chew on these as well!

Make sure you put lids on your trashcans as your dachshund will like to look for food and get into the trashcans.

You will want to make sure your windows are closed so your dachshund doesn’t try and jump or fall out the window.

With dachshund puppies, you should put a baby gate in front of your staircases so they don’t try and go down the stairs.

If you are looking for a dachshund for adoption, here is the list of dachshund adoption centers in the United States.

I highly recommend you help out abused and homeless dogs and cats – they might even got along and live together.