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Dachshund Snoring



Dachshund Snoring?  This is common in Dachshunds,

The reason that a dachshund snores may have something to do with the size of its nose. The tip of a Dachshund's nose is very long. 

So in order for your dachshund to breathe through his nose and not his mouth, there needs to be some air space.

If your dachshund's nose is too long, it makes it difficult for him to get the air he needs.

Thus, your dachshund snores because he is breathing through his mouth and not his nose.

Dachshund snoring is caused when the airway becomes blocked by soft tissues. Your dachshund snoring may not be loud, but it is very annoying.  It can even interfere with family activities. 

Dachshund's snore when their airway gets blocked; this causes them to breathe in a rapid, shallow manner.

Because of this, the vibrations that occur in their throat cause the sounds we all associate with snoring. The sounds are usually caused by the vibration of the uvula and soft palate.

Some dachshund snoring is harmless:

 1. If any dog sleeps on their back, they will usually snore.

dachshund snoring

2. The cause of dachshund snoring can be due to certain medications. These medications make the airway narrow. When air passes through the narrowing passage, it causes a snore.  Some medications cause a decrease in the amount of saliva, which means the snoring is louder.

3. Another reason your dog snores is because he has blocked his nasal passages.  As stated above, this can be caused by a long nose. 

Other reasons your dachshund snores may be from allergies, or having nasal polyps.

When the nasal passages are blocked, mucus cannot flow through them and they become swollen.  This swollen mucus will cause a narrowing of the airway and can cause your dog to snore.

Why do some dogs snore more than others?

Sometimes, the cause can be the way you feed them.  Certain breeds of dog food tend to have more fats and proteins which can contribute to snoring.

Here are reasons why dachshund snoring might be harmful.

1. If your dachshund becomes obese, that extra fat might collect in their throat. This can block their airways which causes snoring.

2. A tooth that is abscessed can block sinus passages. You might want to see a vet to check for an abscessed tooth.

3. Some type of allergies may cause snoring in your dachshund.  One of the main reasons why dachshunds snore is because they are more prone to allergies

In order to prevent this, make sure your dog has regular checkups with your veterinarian. He can take care of any health problems and can even help you treat your pet's allergies.  It is always best to prevent serious problems before they happen.

4. Sleep Apnea could cause snoring.

A diagnosis for sleep apnea is rare.  However it can sometimes be an indicator of hypothyroidism.  Here is an article by PetMd that talks about this in more detail.  

5. A cold or infection may cause snoring.

Some illnesses can also cause your dog to snore.  Chronic bronchitis, colds, allergies, and ear infections are all diseases that can affect the airway.

Because they cause fluid buildup, these conditions cause the airway to narrow, making it easier for the snorer to snore

Some conditions are hereditary and cannot be prevented.  If you suspect your dog has a condition that causes snoring, it is best to take him to the vet.

However, if your dachshund has always snored and is active and healthy, then don’t worry about their snoring.

You might just want to consider using earplugs for yourself.

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