Dachshund In Bed

Before you let your dachshund in your bed, you must ask yourself, “Should I let my dachshund sleep with me?” We’ve got the pros and cons.

Before allowing your dachshund to share your bed, there are a few things to consider. We’ve got a run through of the things you will love, and those you might not.

7 Problems With Dachshunds Sleeping In Your Bed

1. Dachshunds like to burrow in the underside of your covers. So you will find them likely to be buried under all your blankets.

This behavior is not a problem as long as they can quickly get out from under the covers.

If your dachshund is covered up in blankets, they might start suffocating and need to get out from under the blankets for some fresh air. They also might get hot and kick the blankets off them to cool off.

2. They might have to get a drink of water in the middle of the night. You don’t want them jumping down from the bed as this could injure their long backs.

So you want to make sure you have a dog ramp they can use.

3. They might get in the way of your space, especially if you are married or have a partner. With two people and a dachshund your space can be crowded.

Dachshunds sometimes like to sleep sideways so that can reduce your space.

4. If you have a puppy, you better make sure they are potty-trained before even attempting to let them sleep with you in bed. Otherwise, you might wake up with a wet pee spot.

5. Dachshunds, like most dogs are usually early risers and they might wake up at 5 AM. If you are prepared to wake up early in the morning that won’t be a problem.

But if you like to sleep late that could be a major drawback to letting them sleep in your bed.

6. Also, dachshunds tend to snore, and that might keep you awake at night. And if you have an overweight dachshund, they will be more likely to have sleep apnoea, which means louder and more snoring.

You might want to purchase a humidifier, as dry air may result in your dog snoring more. This helps with keeping dust away so your dachshund will breath better and help with snoring issues.

7. You will need to wash your sheets more often if your dachshund sleeps in your bed. They can leave dog hair and dander creating more allergens. The best vacuums for pet hair can, of course, help solve that problem.

Advantages Of Allowing Dachshunds To Sleep In Your Bed

Many dachshunds do enjoy sleeping in your bed. Their small size and natural tendency to burrow will give you peace of mind and comfort of them being by your side.

In the winter, your dachshunds can keep you warm by your side as well.

But if you do let your dachshund sleep in your bed, you will find it hard to break this habit. If you decide later and want them to sleep on their own bed, it could be a difficult task.

Since dachshunds are very lovable and cuddly, you may have trouble getting them to stop sleeping in your bed.

If your dachshund has separation anxiety, you can let them sleep in your bed.

A better option if you don’t want your dachshund to sleep in your bed is to set up a separate dog bed next to your bed.

The dog bed will provide a safe space for your dachshund to sleep in.

Getting a quality curved dog bed may help reduce your dachshund’s snoring as it helps give them good airflow.

Should I Let My Dachshund Sleep With Me Or Do They Need To Be Crate Trained?

It might be best to crate train your dachshund instead of allowing them to sleep in your bed.

Dachshunds are small and can disturb your sleep. Crate training your dachshund is ideal, as it is a natural behavior for dachshunds, as they enjoy the dark, enclosed space. This makes them feel safe.

Plus, crate training is a good idea, especially if you take off for a few hours in the daytime.

Dachshunds are known to be anxious and may get into mischief if left alone for too long.

Crate training your dachshund is excellent for them to stay and rest for a short time if you have to go out to run errands.

At night if they are in their crate, you can consider getting a heartbeat sheep, a soft toy with a heartbeat device that mimics mum’s heartbeat. You can also use a ticking clock to create the same effect.

A dim night light can be helpful for your dachshund to overcome their fear of darkness.

Should I Let My Dachshund Sleep With Me?

If you are comfortable with your dachshund snoring, hogging bed space, getting up to get a drink of water in the middle of the night, and getting up early in the morning, then that might work for you.

But if you don’t want to deal with those seven problems as stated earlier in this article, then consider just getting a dog cage or dog bed as that will be easier to deal with.