As dachshunds get older, they will become less energetic and their needs and requirement will be different. Here’s our guide to caring for old dachshunds.

As dachshunds slow down with age, their calorie intake needs to be less so they do not become obese.

For this reason choosing a well-balanced diet is crucial to maintain your old dachshund’s health and to make sure they are not a target of obesity.

Old Dachshunds – What To Watch Out For

1. Obesity is dangerous as it can lead to more serious diseases and also shortens the lifespan of your old dachshund.

Foods for senior dogs have lower fat content and contain fewer calories so that your dog remains healthy without getting obese.

If your dog is overweight, there are recommended dachshund dog foods for old dachshunds.

These will supply all the necessary nutrients while also allowing your old dachshund to lose weight.

In fact, many old dachshunds have shown to be overweight which can lead to heart failure.

2. Heart failure is one of the main causes of death in old dachshunds. Heart disease can be attributed to a weakening of the heart valve in older dachshunds.

The heart valve doesn’t close tight and blood can leak back around the valve causing stress on the heart.

Another thing you can do to help prevent heart failure in your older dachshund is to provide them with healthy dog food that is low in sodium.

3. Kidney disease is another issue that an old dachshund might develop.

A healthy diet that contains phosphorus, calcium, and other electrolyte levels are important for preventing kidney disease.

Even if your dog is not the subject of any disease, you still need to feed senior dog foods and supplements to your senior dog.

Old dachshunds need high-quality food to stay healthy.

If you want the absolute best food for old dachshunds try feeding them with natural fresh-cooked foods.

These are very beneficial for old dachshunds that have joint issues, weight problems, and allergies which are very common in senior dachshunds.

Exercise For Older Dachshunds

To keep your dachshund’s joints and muscles healthy, regular exercise is essential.

This will also be important for your dachshund’s overall health and will help them maintain an ideal weight.

If your dachshund is not used to walking for exercise, you need to start off slowly. If you maintain a regular daily walk for exercise, you will slowly build up their stamina.

Vet Check Ups For Old Dachshunds

Before you start any exercise you should have your vet do a check-up to make sure they don’t have some health issues.

Old Dachshunds could seem to be healthy, but some underlying issues may be hidden and your vet could discover them.

There is research that shows 18% of dog owners do not take their dogs in for checkups.

This is especially true for old dachshunds, as you need to get them checked by your vet every six months to make sure they are healthy.

Early detection is vital for old dachshunds, as this will provide them with the best opportunity to stop any disease before it becomes advanced.

Dental Care For Older Dachshunds

Taking care of your dachshund’s teeth and gums is important as well. Dental care is vital as you don’t want your dachshund to lose his teeth or develop any dental disease.

Dental disease can be painful and could lead to more serious problems as well. Make sure you brush their teeth every day.

And when you take them to the vet every six months, they can look at their teeth and gums to make sure they are healthy and do not have any dental disease.

Vaccinations For Old Dachshunds

No matter how old or young a dog is, they need to have vaccinations against worms, parasites, rabies, etc.

Old dachshunds don’t need as many vaccinations as a puppy but still will need some vaccinations. Your vet can talk to you about what they require.

Also, your vet should give your dachshund an evaluation of their body condition.

They can check to make sure old dachshunds are not overweight or underweight, and whether they have any unusual lumps, which could be cancerous.

Grooming Old Dachshunds

When your dachshund gets older, they are less active and lie down for longer periods of time.

Thus, for the long-haired and wire-haired dachshunds, this could result in their hair getting dishevelled and tangled.

So you need to brush them daily so they do not get tangles and mats. I highly recommend you choose a high-quality natural shampoo that is made for dry skin.

Old dachshunds are more likely to have skin irritation from dry and flaky skin. Using this as well as daily grooming will help your old dachshund maintain healthy skin and hair.

Arthritis, Bone & Joint Issues

If you haven’t given your dachshund any bone and joint supplements when they were young, it is vital to give them supplements when they are old.

You will notice when they get older that they have a harder time climbing upstairs or jumping up on a couch.

It is best to purchase a dog ramp for old dachshunds so they can avoid hurting their backs, joints, and bones.

Keep Old Dachshunds Entertained

When dachshunds get older, they don’t run around and play as much, but they crave more of your affection.

Make sure you spend a lot of time with them and make them over and give them treats.

Keep them entertained by having plenty of toys.

One good toy is one that is a food puzzle that they have to get the treat out of. This helps keep their minds mentally sharp with age.

If your dachshund starts to lose their hearing or sight, they need to feel you in their presence.

So keep them by your side and give them affection as they can get anxious and depressed if you are not around.

The bottom line is your dachshund is your best friend and you should love them and treat them as long as they live.