Dachshunds are one of the more difficult breeds to train. We review six online do trainers for training dachshunds tips and tricks.

If you have good dog training methods and patience you can have a well-trained and behaved dachshund.

First of all, you have to make sure your dachshund understands that you are the leader of the pack so they will listen. Once you have done that first step, training a dachshund will become easier.

A dachshund that is trained by the use of positive reinforcement is a must. Most of the best online dog training programs promote positive dog training behavior.

You can use different forms of the command, such as the command to sit. You practice this until they ultimately follow the rules.

You must incorporate treats and praises in training dachshunds as that is the best and quickest way for them to learn.

Training Dachshunds Is Difficult As They Follow Their Biological Instincts

Dachshunds were bred to hunt badgers, so they have the instincts to want to follow scents and be chasing after other wild animals such as squirrels and chipmunks.

They are an independent thinker so training dachshunds can be difficult unless you have the right training.

The reason your dog might not respond to your call could be that your call is conflicting with their built-in biological instinct.

As a dog owner, you may find it difficult to control your dachshund if you fail to take into consideration your dachshund’s point of view.

People sometimes feel like they have to train a dog by making up human rules that do not meet the needs of the nature of a dog.

For example, many dog owners try to punish a dog by yelling at them, which is not the way for training dachshunds.

The two most difficult behaviors for training dachshunds are potty training and barking.

Positive reinforcement and the use of dog treats are one of the best ways to train a dachshund.

You should always keep it simple and make it fun for your dachshund.

Have a place where you won’t be distracted when you start training dachshunds, as they can be easily distracted if there are other dogs or people around.

Training Dachshunds – Dog Training Equipment

One scientific method involves clicker training, which involves the use of a sudden high pitch noise, which makes the dog stay alert.

A good dog training clicker can be used on a dog to communicate when the desired behavior is achieved, and this could be followed by positive encouragement and a treat.

When your dachshund hears the clicker they know they will be rewarded if they obey your command.

Buying a clicker can help with training dachshunds.

When You Should Start Training Dachshunds?

It would be okay to start training a puppy early, as it makes it easier for them to follow your instructions later in life.

A puppy could gladly jump into your lap and start exercising simple tricks and take more commands as they grow up.

Dachshund training should be aimed at consistency. This means you need to give clear and calm instructions and not give in to their independent behavior.

They are cute and loveable, but you can’t let them do what they want one day, then try and change up another day. Stick to your guns and be consistent.

You also need to put in the time. You can’t expect your dachshund training to be for five minutes a couple of days a week.

Training for your dachshund should be about 10-15 minute sessions, about 3-4 times per day. And it could take several months to accomplish basic training.

Once they have mastered basic training, such as walking without tugging on the leash, excessive barking, and jumping up, they can move to the next level.

Dachshunds are smart and you can train them to not only fetch a toy, but you can have them fetch a specific toy by name.

Dachshund Dog Trainers

Many people ask if online dog training is needed. And if so, who are the best and most reputable dog trainers?

Here are reviews of 6 of the most popular online dog trainers

Dr. Dunbar’s Dog Training

Dr. Dunbar is credited as the father of modern dog training and behavior modification, and he provides his lessons as a $20 monthly package at Top Dog Academy.

Dunbar offers dog training videos, workshops, and seminars that cover everything concerning dogs of all breeds. He provides information on controlling dogs with behavior issues, aggression, and training them for cohesion with your kids.

With Dunbar’s dog training subscription, you get personalized email advice and access to their private Facebook group, where you connect with other dog owners.

Moreover, Dunbar hosts live online webinars and offer four e-books on dog training as well as training worksheets and logs.


  • Dr. Dunbar is likable, upfront, and isn’t flashy.
  • He has good training methods, is reputable
  • $20 per month is good value.
  • His puppy training is one of the better ones, as he focuses a lot on that.


  • He sounds like an English professor with a boring monotone voice.

Dr. Dunbar offers a FREE Video Training Course to check out first. But if you want his complete Dog and Puppy Training Course that will give cover all the videos, webinars, four e-books, and training worksheets.

JoAnne Basinger Animal Trainer

JoAnne Basinger has been training dogs for about ten years through her organization Andrea Arden Dog Training.

Before starting her career as a dog trainer, JoAnne volunteered with her community dog shelter, where she gained more knowledge in dog training.

JoAnne offers group and private lessons on how to care for dogs from when they are little puppies and how to modify the behavior of aggressive dogs.


  • JoAnne has short and to-the-point videos.
  • One of her strengths is showing different training options for different skills in a short time video.
  • JoAnne is very educated and skilled at what she does.
  • She has one of the best all-around dog and puppy training methods.
  • She teaches new shelter dog training.


  • She only has 24 videos, and not sure if she will produce anymore.
  • She doesn’t cover any advanced tricks.
  • You might not find the exact behavior item you want to try.

Kikopup Dog Training

Emily Larlham dog trains at the Kikopup YouTube channel, and she insists on approaching a dog from their perspective. She doesn’t have professional credentials, although she seems to know her stuff.

She has good videos and focuses on relationships with your dog. This involves modification of behavior so you can use activities that a dog loves as a reward for desirable behavior.

She does not use any form of punishment on the dogs. You also get practical dog training ideas through her channel.


  • She is excellent for anyone wanting their dog to learn tricks and work through behavior problems.


  • Emily’s speech is somewhat distracting as she pauses in her sentences a lot.
  • Most of her videos are light-hearted and focus on tricks and not serious behavior problems.

Zak George’s Dog Training

Zack George has very interesting YouTube videos that are entertaining and broken down into easy-to-understand information.

He has a lively and cheerful personality, and his training is all about positive reinforcement.

He makes the whole dog training session feel positive and warm. Not sure if he has any credentials but he is entertaining.


  • Good for basic training especially for puppies.


  • Not recommended for his training if you have an aggressive dog.
  • He makes it too much like a hyped-up marketing video as he is always promoting his dog food.

Doggy Dan Training

Doggy Dan focuses on cultivating positive behavior in dogs without using force or punishment. One of his videos demonstrates how he teaches an untrained dog with leash issues, which makes dog training seem easy.

Most dog owners could find his approach easier, especially when they see him do the actual training and how the dog responds to his training.

However, one area I found I disagree with is that he doesn’t use treats as rewards and instead just praises and petting.

It is a scientific fact that dogs will work harder for treats over praise and petting. Organizations like the AVSAB, APDT, and PPG agree with treats for training.

Yes, dogs like praise and petting, and some dogs will work for that. However, for most dogs, the treat is the preferred choice for training. Thus, training will be a lot easier and quicker with treats in addition to praise and petting.


  • Dan has a lot of videos and focuses on a lot of behavior issues.
  • He has credentials and his dogs are trained well.


  • Training will be slower and less effective without using treats.
  • Watching one of Doggie Dan’s dogs’ free videos, I noticed that the dog stands still, and wide-eyed with his ears back and tail tucked.
  • It seems that the dog really isn’t having fun and doesn’t want to be near Doggie Dan.

I believe that dogs want to have fun and be full of joy in training. Doggie Dan’s whole training method is just about a pack-leader mentality.

He does have some good positive reinforcement-based methods, which have been effective. However, I prefer my dachshund to have fun and enjoy treats while training.

Brain Training For Dogs

Brain training for dogs is a program by Adrienne Farricelli. Her credentials are that she is a graduate of Karen Pryor Academy, so she is certified and knows her stuff.

Adrienne focuses on utilizing your dog’s brain to make them smarter for doing tricks. She has an easy to follow video course and demonstrates different dog games like fetch and tug-of-war.

She teaches positive reinforcement and reward incentives. Although she shows training, she is focused on tricks.

Many other dog trainers have high praise for her methods.

When you purchase her course she also provides you with access to her online forum with many members.


  • Inexpensive course for $47, which provides a lot of information.
  • The user-friendly course can teach your dog a lot of reward-type behavior and advanced tricks.


  • If you are looking only for practical training and not having your dog learn tricks, you might be a bit disappointed.

Training Dachshund Round-Up

Training a dachshund at an early age is recommended and using both positive reinforcements with treats and praise, is the best method for having a well-behaved dachshund.

You should find a dog trainer that meets your dog training objectives, and there are many resources online, such as e-books and videos on dog training.

My recommended choices are Dr. Dunbar for basic dog and puppy training and Brain Training For Dogs for more advanced training and teaching your dachshund tricks.

The Brain Training For Dogs is the least expensive and great value for only $47. She shows real examples as you could be learning through observation.

Observation of a dog’s reaction during training by an expert is vital as you could know how well you are doing with your dog at home.