Do dachshunds do better in pairs? There are many pros and cons if you have been thinking about getting a dachshund or adding to you pack.

Whether you already have one dachshund and have you been thinking about getting another one, or are considering buying a dachshund, do they behave better as a pair?

Here are things to consider if you want to get two dachshunds.

Can You Afford Them?

If you have two dogs, in addition to twice as much food, bedding, collars, etc, you will have double the vets bill too.

If you don’t worry about the expenses, then you might want to consider getting two dachshunds.

One main point is that dachshunds are pack animals and they like having a companion.

I know when I had two dachshunds it made it easy to leave the house for several hours as they would not get lonesome since they gave each other comfort.

When one of my dachshunds passed I noticed the other dachshund would get anxiety if left alone.

Dachshunds need companions. So if you only want one dachshund they can be happy with you as the companion.

You need to make sure you play with them a lot and don’t leave the house for long extended periods of time.

If you find you have a job you have to go to and have no other family member to stay with them, it would be a good idea to have two dachshunds.

Do Dachshunds Do Better In Pairs? Possible Drawbacks

Sometimes two dachshund puppies from the same litter may fight with each other.

Even with two puppies from a different litter, there may be a possibility of aggression towards each other.

You want to make sure that you don’t get two females as many times they will have aggression towards each other.

With some puppies, instead of aggression toward each other, they will have a deep bond with each other.

They might be so bonded to each other they will have anxiety if they are ever apart for even a short time. However, many times there isn’t an issue as they will be happy together.

When selecting from the same litter see how they respond to each other.

Proper socialization and training can really help alleviate issues.

One point is that you it is better to get one male and one female. Getting two females is not recommended as many times they will not get along.

What Is The Best Time To Get Another Dachshund?

If you already have a dachshund puppy and considering getting another dachshund pup, it is important to wait for your first dachshund puppy to be at least eight months old before you bring another dachshund pup into the home.

Bringing in a second pup too early might lead to fear. It is recommended to have your other dachshund be between eight months and five years old.

That way your older dachshund is young enough to play with the new dachshund puppy. And your older dachshund will be the leader and keep the new dachshund trained in the pack.

Any dachshund older than five years, might not have the energy to keep up with the new dachshund puppy.

But of course, that could depend on how great condition your older dachshund is.

Do You Need To Get Another Dachshund?

If you have one dachshund already it doesn’t mean you have to go out and get another one.

Maybe your one dachshund is fine being with just your family and likes their own space.

Since dachshunds are independent they might not like another dachshund around. They can be feisty if you bring in a new dachshund.

Again it depends on your dachshund’s behavior and they might adapt to a new dachshund but it may take some time.

Maybe you are happy with one dachshund but like them so much and you found a dachshund at a shelter and want to adopt another one.

That is great as you want to save another dachshund and give them a good home.

Just make sure you know how to train them properly and socialize them with your other dachshund.

Can Dachshunds Sleep Together In The Same Dog Bed or Cage?

My two dachshunds loved to sleep next to each other on their dog bed.

The only issue is that I had to make sure the two dog bowls were across the room from each other.

If they were close to each other the male would eat his meal down and then try and go after the other female’s dog food.

But when I put each dog bowl across the room from each other, I had no problem.

Do Dachshunds Do Better In Pairs of the Same Sex?

As I mentioned earlier, you don’t want to get two female dachshunds as they generally do not get along.

Two male dachshunds can get along, but you need to make sure one male is an 8-12 months age gap.

Generally, one male and one female dachshund that have an 8-12 month age difference will get along well.

However, you might have to neuter or spay so you will need to talk to your vet.

Costs of Two Dachshunds

Remember, that the costs of two dachshunds will double as you need two of everything….two harnesses, two collars, two ID tags, two vet bills, double the dog food, two dog bowls, etc.

Plus, if you go on vacation and either have to take them to dog daycare or bring in a dog sitter, that will be double the cost.

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Do Dachshunds Do Better In Pairs? The Drawbacks

Here are things to consider if you want two dachshunds:

Dachshunds are barkers and now you will have double the barking noise.

It is harder to train them to stop the excessive barking as they like to join in and bark together, whether someone rings the doorbell or a cat or other animal runs across the yard.

So this means you will have to devote more time to training dachshunds.

You will sometimes find them being competitive and jealous of each other, so you need to be on the alert so you might have to separate them if they get feisty with each other.

Plus, it is harder to train them overall as one might get distracted when you are trying to train the other one.

So you might need two family members when training so each one of you can train each of the dachshunds at the same time.

That is another important point of making sure one dachshund is 8-12 months apart.

The older dachshund will hopefully be able to help train the younger dachshund.

Do Dachshunds Do Better In Pairs? Advantages Of Getting Two Dachshunds

First, with two dachshunds they will keep each other entertained and won’t be bored.

They will have each other for support and are not likely to have separation anxiety.

The older dachshund will likely help train the younger dachshund.

They will be double the fun as they will play and chase each other around the house and keep you laughing.

So the bottom line is if you can afford the cost and more time for training it could be a good decision to get two dachshunds.

The advantages are that you will have more fun, they won’t get bored and keep each other company.